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Bond Information

Required Documents

You will need to provide the following documents as part of your application:

Estate Administrators and Foreign Executors
  • Inventory of the Estate of the Deceased Person
  • Personal Net Worth Statement of the Applicant
  • Death Certificate
  • Last will (if available)
  • Application of Appointment for Approval to the Court
Committees and Guardians
  • Inventory of the Estate of the Minor or Incapable Person
  • Personal Net Worth Statement of the Applicant
  • Management Plan
  • Application for Appointment for Approval to the Court

You can upload digital copies of your documents during the application process. Alternatively, you can fax them to +1 416-486-7035 or email them to documents@fcainsurance.com.

Inventory of Estate and Personal Net Worth Statement documents are available here:

Please ensure all documents are signed where required.

Surety Bond Details

Nova Scotia Estate Administrator Bond

Estate administrators appointed by the Probate Court of Nova Scotia to act as an estate trustee may require an Estate Administrator Bond.
Before You Apply
  • You must know the required bond amount, the bond effective (start) date, the Court file number and the Probate District to complete your bond application. You will also need to provide details about the deceased person and your legal representative.
  • You will need to provide a digital copy (scan) of the Inventory of the Estate of the Deceased Person, a personal net worth statement for the Administrator, the Death Certificate, the last will (if available) and the Application for Appointment for Approval to the Court. We will provide you with blank forms for the Inventory of Estate and personal net worth statement.
  • The information provided in your bond application must match the information in your Application for Appointment for Approval to the Court.
  • Any co-Administrators will need to sign an indemnity form. The indemnity forms will be sent to their email addresses automatically for electronic signature.
  • After you have completed your bond application, we will sign it, seal it and send it to you.

After You Receive Your Bond

Failure to accurately follow these instructions could result in your bond being rejected by the Court.

You may not make any corrections or changes to the signed and sealed bond. Using correction fluid or tape or making handwritten changes will result in the bond being rejected. If you have made an error on the bond or the bond is rejected by the Court, contact us and we will re-issue it to you.

Step 1: Sign

  • The Principal (Administrator) has to sign the bond on the Principal line beneath their name. Any co-Administrators have to sign on the Principal lines beneath their names.

Step 2: Witness

  • A witness has to sign the bond on the Witness to Principal line and print their name beneath their signature. Any co-Administrator signatures also have to be witnessed.

Step 3: Deliver

  • If you are working with a lawyer, deliver the original bond to your lawyer and they will deliver the bond to the Court on your behalf.
  • If you are a lawyer, deliver the original bond to the Court.
  • Photocopies of the bond are not acceptable.

You will receive a copy of these instructions with your bond.

If Something Changes
  • If the required bond amount, your legal name or address changes, you can request an endorsement from us to update your bond. You will need to present the endorsement to the Court.
  • The signature requirements for endorsements are the same as the original bond.
Registrar of the Probate Court for the probate district closest to the deceased's residence in Nova Scotia at the time of their death.

For Court contact information, please see the following website:

Probate Act, SNS 2000, c. 31
Probate Court Practice, Procedure and Forms Regulations, NS Reg 119/2001
All Applicants must provide financial information. A personal credit check is not required.
Your bond will be continuous from your selected effective date until the bond is returned by the Court.
You pay once for the entire term. Your bond does not need to be renewed.

For more information, please see the following website:

Determining Your Required Bond Amount
The required bond amount is one-and-a-half times (1.5x) the value of the estate of the deceased or as ordered by the Court. Please contact the Court to determine your required bond amount.
This is a one-time premium charge. Please call us for annual premiums.
The total premium is 1.0% of the bond amount ($400.00 CAD minimum).

Note: All prices shown in this application form are in Canadian dollars (CAD). If you choose US dollars (USD), your quoted price will be discounted 10%.

Note: If you choose expedited delivery, payment must be made by credit card. We will call you if we require additional information for delivery.
Note: Please review your answers carefully to ensure they are correct before you continue.
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